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Sports fans often don’t feel like their voices are heard loudly or clearly enough, and “Chef” Rob Wise and Theo “Gridiron” Spight were no different than any other sports fans, until luck brought them together.  “The Chef” was doing what chefs do, cooking in restaurants, until by happenstance he had an encounter with Damon W. Perry that would alter his life forever.  Soon, not only would he be producing radio shows, he would eventually end up hosting them as well.  On the other side of the City of Detroit was Gridiron, a blue collar guy by day, who just happened to have the greatest job ever, singing the Detroit Lions fight song every Sunday...

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Mini-camp observations and the QB cam0


Today I went to my first mini-camp and it wasn’t much different then my first OTA that I attended last week. The players are just in helmets and shorts so you really can’t tell much. You can see accuracy in the qb’s and speed and hands from the receivers, running backs and db’s. Nick Fairley’s weight loss is quite noticeable. Rookie Kyle Van Noy’s versatlity stands out. The new aggressiveness of the defense is apparent also.

New safety James Ihedigbo is much bigger than former Lions safety Louis Delmas. Having him out there will be like having an extra linebacker in the run game. One of the first things you notice with this team is the height of a lot of the guys. Seems like every guy on the D-Line is at least 6-4 and up. Hopefully those long arms will generate more sacks.

Speaking of sac...

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Please…..Not Another Lions Let Down By Intern R. Kelly

photoboard8Intern R. Kelly here!  The big guys decided it was time for me to blog so here I am.  I love football. There I said it. I’m not an expert but I will always root for my Detroit Lions.  If you didn’t know, I worked 2 seasons back to back at Ford Field on the esteemed Courtesy Squad or “Blue Shirts” as we call them.  I worked the 2012 and 2013 Season, not knowing that in the future I’d be interning for the one and only Mr. Theo ‘Gridiron’ Spight.  After the NFL draft this year there is a lot of anticipation for the Lions 2014 season.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…Matthew Stafford is a hesitator.  All last season, we would get so close only to blow it.  In 6 games we were ahead only to have one touchdown ruin everything.  This did not make my job any easier at Ford Field...

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